4 Stages to a Vehicle Wrap

There are four important stages for creating a successful vehicle wrap for your business.

1. Designing – You can either provide ready artwork, or we can create the artwork. Customers can provide their own ready art work based on our specifications or we can have one of our master graphic designers come up with an ad that would allow for maximum impact. Customer should realize that this is the most important part of the vehicle wrap process and any short cuts can result in less effective vehicle wrap.We use high-resolution photographs and graphics.

2. Proofing – Once the design is ready, we will provide a printed proof of what the vehicle wrap will look like. We will ask you to look at the proof carefully to locate any mistakes and submit any changes before we create the finished wrap. The more adjustments you need to make to the proof, the longer it will take to complete job.

3. Production – The artwork is then generated on state of the art high performance computers and printed onto cast vinyl sheets using high-resolution printing technology. It’s then laminated for a glossy presentation and protection of the vehicle’s finish. We print on high performance cast vinyl made by 3M.

4. Installation – Professional installers carefully affix the wrap to the surface of the vehicle. The wrap conforms to the vehicle’s exact shape and gives the vehicle a factory-ready appearance. It’s critical to use experienced installers as a poorly installed wrap could reflect negatively on your company.

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Find High Resolution images

Large Format Printing and vehicle wraps requires Hi Resolution Images, unlike
what you would find on a web page. We provide the following website links as a convenience to our customers.
They are a good resource for finding superior quality stock photos and images that are
suitable for large format digital printing. If you want to use any of these images in your graphics project..
you will be required to login and purchase your high resolution images from that website. We do not control the prices on these sites and they all very in price. We recommend and for the best prices high quality stock images..

palm beach vehicle wraps To upload your large format print files click on the RED button to reach our dedicated FTP server for uploads.
Please contact us for the username and password to upload your large files.

Get our Art Specifications Document and read more about how to format your graphics for large format prints.
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