Large Format Graphics

Backlit Graphics

Backlit displays are a great tool for advertising. Because the graphics are lit from behind, the colors are more detailed and come to life.  Typically indoor backlit displays last for 5 years, and outdoors for 2. So how does this work? The film is positioned between two sheets of plexiglass in a light box. With a maximum width  of 48″, there are no limits to the length. While a normal printed image can display extraordinary bold colors, when lit from behind the story suddenly changes as the color depth and saturation become prismatic. Backlit graphics can have a huge impact on showcasing your business.  Bigidea Wraps can bring your story to life- we have 35 years experience in the graphic industry. Let’s bring your business where it needs to be with backlit graphics custom made to your liking.


When promoting your business you want a colorful display to get the point across. Large format posters are effective in overshadowing nearby distractions. Bigidea Wraps offers premium borderless printing on HP Photo papers, with choices of Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss for an astonishing product. Big color printing is used everyday by many businesses for advertising in storefront windows, interior walls and much more. Are you planning a sales convention or a promotional event? Bigidea Wraps can help with stunning high quality digital color printing for your large format posters. Large graphics is our specialty-our experts are anxious to design your large format poster today.

Windows Graphics

An empty window space can be transformed into a stunning advertising space, reinforcing your business product. Window graphics are a practical and cost-effective way to instantly attract potential customers and make your storefront get the attention you want. Window graphics can be installed in little time and last a long time if properly cared for.  The great thing about window graphics is that they can be printed on both sides, allowing your customers to view on the way in and as they’re leaving. Print adhesive window graphics on solid white, clear window cling, or on perforated window vinyl. Choosing view thru vinyl and window cling gives you the advantage of getting your point across without  obstructing the visibility through your windows. Bigidea Wraps can custom make your window graphics and turn your storefront into a dazzling display.

Exhibit Frame Displays

Exhibit frame displays are great for trade shows or any business convention. Frame displays offer options such as up-to-date  portable exhibits,display booths,stands for trade shows, events, business conventions, conferences, expos, presentations, and exhibitions. This is your event, Bigidea Wraps understands the process-which is why you need to trust us with all of your exhibit frame displays. We offer feature custom printed displays on first-rate materials like PVC by using a powerful UV printing process and dye sub fabric and cutting-edge dye sublimation printing process. Offering affordable graphic design services, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Floor Graphics

If you’re a business owner grabbing the attention of your customers is crucial. Why not  give your retail store or business a professional touch by installing custom vinyl floor decals and graphics?  Bigidea Wraps  floor decals are durable enough to withstand foot traffic, and they’re eye-catching. Our decals are skid proof  which is is another important factor, since you don’t want any slips or falls. Big idea Wraps floor graphics can last up to 3-5 years if properly cared for, and we think they’re  a must  for in-store promotions, sales, manufacturing facilities and much more. This is a no-brainer, what have you got to lose? We offer gorgeous full color printing that can be placed on many types of flooring.

Building Murals

What better way to get your point across than having a striking mural installed on your structure? We provided murals that are digital prints. Wall mural wrap projects can be installed in the fraction of the time it takes to paint a mural. Building wraps cost less than traditional hand painted murals. When considering your project, Bigidea Wraps takes into account many factors. Perhaps you have a vision you need conceptualizing, this is where our design team’s expertise will work in your favor-starting from the beginning to create the mural you have in mind. Location is also very important. Where do you want to splash your mural? If you have no clue where to start, Bigidea Wraps will help you brainstorm. Our artists have just the artistic flare you need for an eye-catching mural, with an array of styles that are sure to fit your needs. Large Format graphics is what we do-were experts in the field!  

One Way Vision Vinyl

For a powerful visual impact on glass surfaces, One Way Vision Vinyl is one way to showcase impressive graphics on one side and a clear unimpeded view from the other. Make your retail and commercial window signage pop with cutting-edge technology, giving you the upper hand when it comes to advertising your business.  One Way Vision Vinyl is perhaps the most resistant window film in the industry because it’s simple to install and remove.   Another benefit with this stunning choice in graphics is  that it minimizes heat and glare from the sun. Bigidea Wraps can enhance your security and privacy by installing One Way Vision Vinyl, creating a unique media space for your business.

Wall Murals

Make your business an overnight sensation with Wall Murals! The perfect choice for large wall space, Bigidea Wraps can put their creative design team to work-transforming your space into an instant magnet for attracting attention. Next time you take a trip to your local mall pay attention to the large retailers; they’ve been using wall graphics for years. Whether you need long-term or short-term graphics, our team of talented artists can make it work for you. Bigidea Wraps can help you create any custom design, turning your plain white walls into fabulous colorful murals. No project is too big for our skilled team of professional installers.

Table Covers

One of the most important  things you can do for your trade show booth is the having right  table treatments; and that  includes including table runners, tablecloths, and other coverings.

A great table cover  is the ideal choice trade shows, conventions, hotel events, job fairs, storefronts, farmers’ markets and then some. If you’re looking for a way to promote  your brand, custom tablecloths are a sure fire way to go. Think about this: table space is the place where vendors and exhibitors connect with potential customers. If you’re looking to attract new customers Bigidea wraps has the custom table covers you need.  Don’t waste time trying to promote your brand with anything less than spectacular!

Large Flags

Making an impact on your brand has never been easier with indoor and outdoor vertical feather flags. Feather flags can be used by themselves or  in a cluster; they are so convenient they can be used anytime or anywhere. Bigidea Wraps can assist you as feather flags are simple to set up and they’re portable. Our fabric is waterproof and washable; allowing for vibrant colors and sharp graphics. Bigidea Wraps can withstand nature’s elements and our materials are UV resistant. No matter what the weather brings, your vertical feather flag will withstand whatever Mother Nature brings.