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Reflective Chevron Stripes

We custom manufacture reflective chevrons using only the highest quality materials from 3M and Oracal. National Safety studies have shown that rear reflective chevrons reduce roadway accidents and they save lives. Our reflective chevron has the highest range of visibility day and night.

Organizations with fleet vehicles and been adding rear reflective stripes to their vehicles to help them reduce vehicle and employee roadway accidents.

We specialize in manufacturing reflective chevrons. We can also perform the installation for your fleet vehicle applications. Call us today for an estimate. 954-922-3822

Between 2013 and 2014 there was a four percent increase in the total number of roadway fatalities in the UK, fuelling the urgent need to improve road safety.
A contributing factor to these roadway casualties is the poor visibility of vehicles. Studies and field tests conducted over a 10 year period show that well-marked vehicles are 30 times less likely to be involved in road traffic accidents, compared with unmarked ones.

Retro-reflective conspicuity tapes for vehicles have become essential tools in increasing the visibility of vehicles and reducing roadway casualties. Our reflective chevrons on the rear of vehicles allow vehicles to be seen up to nine seconds earlier than unmarked vehicles, allowing for considerably longer reaction times.

In addition, they are highly durable, easy to apply and meet or exceed regulations and guidelines set out in roadway legislation. A report by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), published in January 2015, estimates the lives of 2,660 people were saved from 1960 to 2012 by conspicuity tape on heavy trailers. NHTSA’s 2001 evaluation estimates that retro-reflective tape would save 191 to 350 lives per year.

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Reflective Chevron Study

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Conspicuity Brochure

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