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Example of wrong install procedures and use of cheap materials.

In regards to vehicle wraps, There is nothing more true than.. ” You Get what you Pay For”. A vehicle wrap is exposed to the natural environment 24 hours a day year around. The Fast and Cheap solutions will end up costing you more in the long run.

a worn out ink design on a metal

This is what happens when you use the wrong type of lamination on a long term vehicle wrap. The sun will eat the lamination and the results is wrap that looks worn out. The sun will dissolve the ink on the wrap if you use the wrong materials. Of course this wrap is way over its life expectancy.

torn vinyl wrap

This is what happens when you use the wrong type of vinyl for a wrap. Vehicle wrap vinyl should be designed to go around curves and into tight curves. It you use the wrong vinyl then it will not perform well around complex curves. The end result is that the vinyl will crack.

a bad installation of an image on a panel

The is an example of a bad installation. The installer did not match the image panels correctly. Look at the image edges around the neck. You can see that they did match the image correctly.

incorrect vinyl material used on an area

The is an example of a premature color shift in the window perf area. This happens when the printing is done on the wrong type of window perforated vinyl. This can also happen when the window material is not laminated correctly with UV lamination. The image will fade too fast on the window perf. vinyl if the correct materials are not used.

Vehicle Wraps vs. Paint

You might be wondering why you should go with our vehicle wraps over paint. We’re glad you asked! Below are a several reasons why vehicle wraps are a better choice than paint:

  • Less than 1/2 the Cost of Paint – our vehicle wraps are much less expensive than painting your vehicles to have the same effect.
  • Better Vehicle Resale or Trade-in Value – our vehicle wraps actually help protect the vehicle’s paint While they’re on the vehicle and can easily be removed without harming the vehicle’s finish. And when you are ready to sell or trade-in your vehicles, you will get much more money for your vehicles if they do not have your company’s logos on the vehicles. If you had painted your fleet vehicles, either you or the buyer (dealership or end-user) is going to have totally sand down and repaint the vehicle in order to sell or use it. So in addition to the lower up-front cost of vehicle wraps, the overall cost for the life of the vehicle is also much less!
  • Safer Driving with Better Visibility – the portion of the vehicle wrap that will cover your vehicle’s windows is transparent from one side – allowing you to see out of the vehicle while keeping the sunlight from harming your vehicle’s interior. You can hardly tell there is anything on the windows at all while you are driving – making it safer for the driver and other vehicles around! If your drivers are just plain horrible drivers, we’re sorry, but we aren’t going to be able to help them much!
  • Easy to Update – our vehicle wraps are easy to update. If your company’s name, address, phone number, website, slogan, or products change, it is much easier and less expensive to modify or update a vehicle wrap. If your information is painted on the vehicle, that is a different story – one which your accounting department isn’t going to like to hear.
  • More Creative Flexibility and Freedom – you have much more creative flexibility and freedom with our custom vinyl graphic wraps for a couple different reasons. Our auto wraps are created digitally and you can see the design before it’s on the vehicle so you can makes any changes before it’s final. If you have an artist’s sketch, film, or other formats of your design already, we can convert it to a digital image, so that isn’t a problem either. Because the vinyl graphics can go on your vehicle’s windows without reducing visibility, your design can seamlessly cover virtually your entire vehicle – giving you more space and flexibility to get your vehicle’s advertising message or custom design across!
Regarding Hard to wrap areas

The High Performance vinyl used for a BIGIDEA Wrap requires properly prepared surfaces to promote adhesion. On many vehicles, we will encounter painted surfaces that may not be conducive for that necessary adhesion and durability of the materials, such as door handles, hinges, textured surfaces, emblems, rubber, moldings, weather stripping, sliding windows, exhaust areas and some extreme convex and compound curves. Vinyl wrap material will NOT stick properly to rubber windows moldings. It is not recommended that these areas be wrapped. With this understanding it is up to the client’s discretion if they want to carver these areas of the vehicle.

We typically will not wrap rubber or plastic areas of the vehicle. It is important that you understand a Wrap does not provide for covering 100% of the vehicle, as some areas are not conducive to vinyl at all such as cracks, expansion joints and rubber seams. Some vehicles have indentations on bumpers and other areas that may distort the text if viewed up close. In most cases the images and message will look fine when viewed form the viewing distance of 10 feet away. The material manufacturers recommend a 1 inch gap in deep crevice areas to prevent material failure and insure correct adhesion. The materials used by BIGIDEA Wraps are of the highest quality from manufactures such as 3M and Avery and have been designed and tested for outdoor use, such as the utilization of inks and laminates with UV properties, to help prevent fading and cracking over time. The durability of wrap materials is 4-5 years outdoors.

How much protection do you need? BIGIDEA Wraps can offer a corporate look, custom look or the wildest ideas you can come up with, we also offer you a warranted protection. BIGIDEA Wraps uses 3M Graphics™ for a high-gloss off-the-showroom shine.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A Wrap is a large vinyl decal. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The application of the Wrap allows you to change the car’s appearance in a very short period of time and in turn allows you to remove the Wrap, returning the vehicle back to it’s original condition in an even a shorter period of time, if it’s necessary!

The BIGIDEA Wrap’s alternative to paint is not only more cost effective, but will provide more pop, detail and impact that paint cannot come close to. Whether you are a large corporation, advertising for a weekend, a company advertising your business for a few years or an individual that has a custom BIGIDEA Wrap created for your daily driver. A BIGIDEA Wrap will get you noticed!

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